Hakim Bey is an avant-garde poet-philosopher whose work departs from the academic tradition, rediscovering mystery and magic as means of reconquering joy of life and defeating boredom. Also, the jihad is on those who would make life obey rules.

Bey is truly a refreshing read. He does not degenerate into ideological dogma, but rebels against it, invoking irresistible incantations. He writes on using Moorish curses to banish muzak companies and the use of electronic networks to establish temporary autonomous zones with equal credibility.


Go naked for a sign.

Some Hakim Bey texts

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Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

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Information about Hakim Bey exists several places on the web. Many sources are excellent. Try searching Lycos with the query "hakim bey" for a list of possible starting points (and a lot of dead ends.)

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