ElectroPlastique #1

4-screen temporal composition for the Territoires Electroniques festival 2005 at Le Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence. The starting point was the work of Victor Vasarely, the famous father of Op-Art. I have always been inspired by his work with the transformation of shapes and grids, as well as his wonderful use of light and color to create depth. His Plastic Alphabet and the programmes he created for his images represent a generative approach to form which is strict and yet organic.

In ElectroPlastique #1 a regular grid is deformed and then used as the basis of a series of organic abstract systems that evolve over time (5 minutes). Due to the panoramic format of the 4-screen projection, the impression is much like a landscape. In the end the grid is exploded and disappears, hinting at a non-cartesian vector space.

Sound by James Welburn. Built with Processing and Java. Thanks to Eric Dalbin for the invitation to do the project..



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