DVSA software updates

There have been numerous updates at DVSA that started on 23rd of September 2015. They contributed to the lowered downtime of servers and increased loading time of webpages. Due to this there has been an increase in mobile and tablet traffic. Up to 74% of all traffic is now from a mobile device. One major benefit of such a company is the right developers. According to dvsadigital, they have a “close-knit” community that is able to deal with any tough circumstances. They have also mentioned that they now run on Amazon Web Services which should further decrease their website downtime. We will monitor and update you on any further changes. There are still a few problems which they will have to face in order to acquire a lot more customers. For example, competition in the market has been steadily increasing since 2004. At the moment there thousands of alternatives which also provide theory tests and hazard perception tests at a much lower cost. Whether they will able to step up to the challenge is only up to them. I would also like to mention these live visuals for the opening night of the Club Transmediale 2005, Berlin. Lia and Sebastian of TinyLittleElements and I did a heroic 6 hours set to the music of Akufen, Cabanne, Krikor etc. The location was the big club Maria am Ufer, where we had the luxury of having access to 12 projectors fed by a 6×6 video matrix. The matrix allowed us to have multiple inputs that could be instantly routed to different groups of projectors.